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When You Are All Alone – How To Deal With Loneliness Effectively

What is Loneliness:

Loneliness is a feeling of isolation from the present world. It is a state and a phase of life when it seems, you are all by yourself. It often makes people vulnerable to stress and they feel helpless. It is also a major cause of sadness, depression, anger and vulnerability.

At the time of this writing, am in the same shoe like you, am in Canada. I feel lonely but I actually find a better way of dealing with it. When you find a way to deal with loneliness trust me, you will want to stay lonely AT ALL TIME.

As I said above, there are different phases in life. I also call phases seasons of life. Life is governed by principles and seasons. That is why in North America for instance, we have Winter season, Summer and Fall. There can never be a winter without a fall. Also, there can never be a fall without a summer. It is a natural principle. No matter how much I hate winter I can’t never do anything to change it because it’s simply a season of life.

Loneliness is a season of your life that will pass by. Always know that lonely feelings can’t last forever. Accept it as a season of life that will surely pass. It will surely pass, things can’t continue to stay the same even if you want them to.

What you need to do right now is to find a way to cope with this season of loneliness. In winter, people dress in warm jacket and extra warm clothing to stay warm. That can be considered as a coping mechanism for winter. So likewise if you are lonely, the best way to deal with this season of loneliness is to devise a coping mechanism.

That brings us to the next discussion. How do I cope with this lonely season knowing fully well that it will pass.

Coping With Lonely Seasons Of Life

As I have said above, loneliness is a season of life, it will surely pass. There are several ways to deal with loneliness but wait a minute, you can also enjoy it too remember it will surely pass.

  1. Learn to enjoy the feeling of loneliness. Whether you are married or single, you can still be lonely. Since loneliness is a feeling of isolation, you can learn to enjoy the moment by accepting it. Acceptance is the key here, when you learn to accept the situation as it is, you stop worrying about it and trust me this will set you on a path to solution.
  2. Keep yourself busy. This is indeed a funny thing to say how can I keep myself busy when am lonely. Well the truth is we get really lonely when we are busy doing nothing. It’s possible to be busy doing nothing. And when you are less busy, you have more time to think. And when you get into the thinking mode, isolation sets in. You can get busy by reading a book, start a project e.g learn a skill you don’t know, go shopping, go out and watch movie
  3. Find A Partner. Like I said you can be married and lonely. If in your case, you are single. Finding a partner is a good way to get busy. Since loneliness oftentimes makes people to put focus on themselves, getting a partners helps you to divide your focus. If you are married and lonely, it means a lot. Watch out for more article on this great topic
  4. Take Focus Off Yourself. Taking focus of yourself can really help you. It helps you to think outside yourself. There are several ways to take focus off yourself. You can dedicate your time to help others(volunteer activities), embark on a project. At the time of my writing, am so busy with so many projects, I can’t even think of loneliness again.

When you are busy doing something, loneliness can’t set in, so remember when you feel all alone, you are truly not alone because others people including myself are in the same shoe

By applying the above principles, you will simply discover loneliness as a season of life and a season to get something done.

As I always say, loneliness is a dark room where photo are printed, whatever is done in this dark room, will determine the outcome of the photo. Whatever you do in your season of loneliness will determine the next season of your life.

Please be wise. Take heart know that others are in the same shoes as you, get up and do something today, keep busy because before you know it, this season of life will pass.

I hope this help someone today please watch out for more important messages.

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